Fall 2 Program Guide – New Personal Training Opportunities

The MAC is very excited to have two new folks with us here at the MAC Fitness Center.  Brittany Barr and Michael Addesa are both well known in our community for their experience in the fitness world.

We are happy to have both of them available to our members to provide group and personal training opportunities to our members.

Brittany will be leading a “Total Body Blast” Group Fitness Class starting in the Fall 2 Session.

Information is in the program guide which can be downloaded by clicking here: Program Guide Fall 2 2018


There is some information about Brittany and Michael below.


Hi my name is Brittany Barr. I’m a wife and mother of two amazing boys who reside in Payneville. I’ve been doing personal training and group fitness here in Meade Co. since 2008.  I love working with people and seeing the physical and mental changes that exercise helps to improve. I’ve helped both women and men during that time. Resistance training helps you to “drop fat” and “boost muscle mass.” My group classes are “circuit style” which is weights and cardio mixed in. In my classes we use dumbbells and also do a lot of bodyweight type of movements to keep your body functional for the tasks of everyday life.  I love to keep changing it up to keep the body from adapting and guessing. Private sessions are in fact more “private” and tailored to your goals and needs. Thanks for reading a little about me and what it is I offer. Hope to help you soon.

 Brittany Barr


Hello, my name is Michael Addesa and I specialize in strength training and athletic performance.  I am a graduate of Meade County High School in 2009 and played football at the University of Louisville from 2011-2014.  If you are looking to for someone who can coordinate an individually customized plan I am happy to be training at the MAC, and will work to meet the needs of your schedule.  I am open to offering my training opportunities to all ages!  I hope to work with you soon.

 Michael Addesa