MAC/MCHS Tournament Champions- Thanks for a Great Season

I would like to thank all the coaches, players, parents, spectators for a great season.

There was great competition week in and week out and when it was all settled, we didn’t have a single team go undefeated or not get a win.

The tournament champs in each age group were not the regular season champions, which ultimately means that the teams were put together well giving everyone a chance to learn and compete with their fellow teams.

At the end of a great tournament day, the following teams came out on top:

3-4 Grade:  Tournament Runner Ups – #3 Seed – TAR HEELS, Head Coach Kyle Lynch

Tournament Champions: #4 Seed – BULLDOGS, Head Coach Tammy Weick





5-6 Grade: Tournament Runner Ups – #1 Seed – BUCKEYES, Coach Larry Mofield

Tournament Champions:  #2 Seed – NITTANY LIONS, Coach Marty Littrell