MAC/MCHS Basketball Leagues – Thank you to all Involved

Meade County LogoOver the course of 18 weeks we have had 282 participants involved in both boys and girls basketball from ages 5-12.  There are a lot of moving parts and I want to take a moment to thank some of the key people who helped make this happen:

  • MCHS Staff – Head Coaches Jason Tripure and Dina Hackert:  Assistants Kevin Robinson, Ned Cross, Casey Dawson, Clay Tanner, Michelle Miller, Scarlett Powers
  • MCHS Athletic Director – Todd Clanton
  • Meade County School Administrators, Gym Coordinators, and Custodians
  • Mike Schwartz, Kyle Melloy, and Chad Sipes (Referees)


I have been very pleased with our leagues this year and look forward to another great season for 2017-2018.