James “Cricket” Morton

The Meade Activity Center lost a dear friend over the Holiday Weekend.  Cricket Morton was one of those special and charismatic people who had a way of being liked by everyone he came in contact with.

A veteran of the Air Force and long-time employee of Olin, Mr. Morton was someone that I met as a junior golfer.  When you are a little boy you always remember the guys that are really, really nice to you, and also those who wish you weren’t on the golf course.  There’s not even reason for discussion about which one he was.

James Morton was always quick to pull your leg, and just as quick to do anything to help anyone.  He always volunteered to help with golf events and then would make sure to tell me “I didn’t say I’d help did I?”.  He wouldn’t think twice about helping at church or just lending a hand to family or friends.

From the time I was a little boy and even recently as the director of the MAC, Cricket would not let me call him Mr. Morton.  He insisted I not address him so formally and would even say “Who’s Mr. Morton”?

From all of us here at the Meade Activity Center and River Trace Golf, we’ll miss you Mr. Cricket.

– Aaron Greenwell