Red Rock Trail @ MAC

*Update: The Matt Pike Memorial Truck Pull was held on Saturday, September 12th.  The event was well attended and the auction was a great success.  $2,250 from the auction will be directly allocated to the Red Rock Trail.  Thank you to the individuals who helped secure initial funding for the trail.

In memory of Neal Allen, a father, a friend, and a faithful community member, family and friends are working to construct a new fitness and nature trail at the Meade Activity Center (MAC). The Red Rock Trail will consist of 1.2 miles of rolling terrain located within the undeveloped property at the MAC. The new trail will tie into the public sidewalk near the entrance to the Meade County Fair Grounds, and loop back past the court house to the MAC. The entire loop will be approximately three miles. The official kick-off to raise funds and organize volunteers for work on the trail will take place at the Matt Pike Memorial Truck Pull on September 12. Over the previous five years, Neil and the Allen family organized the pull with proceeds going to the Meade Breck Matt Pike Memorial Gym.

To view the layout of the trail click on the link provided here:  MAC Red Rock Trail

Family and Friends of Neal, along with Jason Sutton and John Beavin of the Meade Activity Center, feel the trail will have a dual Purpose. It will serve as a lasting memory of Neil Allen and the work he did to support the Meade Breck Center and the local community that he cared for dearly. In addition, it will also create a new opportunity that will be open to the public for walking, running, and biking fitting into the MAC’s mission of promoting health and wellness opportunities for all. Sutton said “I am impressed, as always, how this community comes to together to love and support its neighbors, as well as to support projects which benefit the entire community.”

If you would like to be involved in supporting this project, there are three ways you can help.

  1. The trail requires approximately 50 loads of material. Riverside Stone, Liters, and Vulcan are willing to donate the material. The MAC has many volunteers to haul, but more are needed to get all the material on site.
  2. Donate items for the auction to be held at the truck pull.
  3. Make a monetary donation to help with construction of the trail.

All donations can be sent to the Meade Activity Center (270-422-2227) which is a non-profit organization and therefore, tax deductible. All Donations will be ear-marked specifically for trail construction only.

To get involved or make a donation you can contact: Jason Sutton at 270-422-7500, Cory Redmon with Phillips Brothers Construction, or Andrew Ford at Ford’s Lawn Service.