MAC Youth Basketball Grades 3-6

Through our own observation and conversations with staff and Coaches, we’ve been happy to see that we have had some good games through the first two weeks of play in our leagues.  We hope to be able to provide our local communities with programs that promote the highest level of professionalism and sportsmanship.  The kids have been divided up within the leagues, and this has already helped ensure close games.  Our participants tend to take on the same personality demonstrated by their coaches and spectators, and we want to make sure that they are learning, having fun, and are surrounded by a positive environment.  It is crucial that these programs help the growth of the game of basketball, and also that they teach our kids core values such as respect, judgment, and sportsmanship.  Please help us make sure that these new leagues represent all the positive aspects that come from youth sports and that the participants have the opportunity to learn and grow through the game of basketball.  

“Competition is the spice of sports and athletics, but if you make SPICE the whole meal, you’ll end up sick.”



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