Margaret Brown: One of our Own

Margaret Brown was always a part of the facility that I now call my place of work.  Whether it was the Meade Activity Center or Hillcrest, Margaret was a staple of this place since I was a small child.  Simply stated, Margaret is the one that most will identify as the face of the restaurant and their days of summer.

Margaret had quite a following over the years.  She was a phenomenal cook, and always made you feel like you were at home when you were at the restaurant.  Her lunch crowd included family and longtime friends, and there were days it was difficult to even find a seat.  Kids flocked back and forth from the pool to the restaurant all summer long, and many times Margaret would make them something to eat even if they were a little short on pocket change.  I can say first hand as one of the kids who was here nearly everyday that many times the real reason I wanted to come wasn’t to go to the pool, but to have lunch prepared by Margaret Brown.  She loved being at this place, and will forever be a part of it.

We lost Margaret on Saturday, July 26th after she valiantly battled health issues that she simply could not overcome.  She will be missed by many, and will always hold a spot in my heart as a figure of my childhood.  More importantly though, she will be remembered as a caring, generous person who spent a lifetime helping others.

We will miss you.

– Aaron Greenwell


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