Local Energy Providers Collaborate on Meade Activity Center Project

On Friday May 31st, Meade County RECC and Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) came together to perform one of the largest community efforts in their organizational histories.  The two companies worked side by side to create new boundaries by setting posts, cable, and netting on the driving range at the Meade Activity Center.  Both providers have been supporters of the Meade Activity Center (MAC) since its inception and were eager to get involved.  Since 2011, various adult and youth programs have been offered, but the MAC took a huge step forward last spring when they became an affiliate of the Louisville First Tee Program.  “Updating our practice facilities has been a major emphasis, especially to accommodate our junior golf efforts,” said Executive Director Aaron Greenwell.  “We’re excited to be the only full service practice area in the community.”  When asked if the energy providers would be willing to provide their services in exchange for sponsorship recognition of the First Tee program, both jumped at the opportunity to offer support.  RECC President and CEO Burns Mercer stated “I have been following the First Tee program nationally for some time and really support the impact it can make on young people.”  David Pace supervised the effort for Meade County RECC while Dink Keen of LG&E led on their end.  “Our employees are committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work,” said Greg Thomas, vice president of Electric Distribution at LG&E and KU. “Helping Meade County’s First Tee Program is part of our larger commitment to improving the quality of life for our neighbors and investing in the development of the leaders of tomorrow.”

The Meade Activity Center became an affiliate of The First Tee of Louisville in the spring of 2012.  Since that time they have produced over 125 participants in the Life Skills programs and outreach camps.

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